Tech Made Simple.

Never get frustrated with your technology again. Our geeks are well versed digital natives who have spent most of our lives eating, breating, and sleeping technology. There’s nothing we like more than teaching you how to love it too. With over 30 years combined experience, our team is ready to help you with your computer, network, or mobile device problems. If we don’t cover it, we learn it. If you aren’t satisfied with our services you owe us nothing. Technology can be your biggest enemy or your best friend, and with our services we will keep your bond strong, and your workflow steady. Don’t get lost- Have Coffee With A Geek!

Meet with us!

Our geeks can meet at most coffee shops in the Lake and Cook counties of Illinois. Check the map for a list of destinations close to you, or contact us to suggest a place.

Remote Assistance

When you have a computer problem you need solved ASAP, Have Coffee With A Geek is your go-to service. Just ask for remote assistance- the geeks will connect directly to your machine to work out issues right after they happen.

On-site Support

Whether you have networking issues, computer problems, or just want to discuss your next tech purchase our geeks are ready to meet with you at your home or place of business.

Custom Tailored Computers

When you’re looking for the best possible Windows PC experience there’s nothing that tops a custom tailored PC hand assembled in the USA by trained professionals. When we build computers, we build for longevity and stability to rival name brand machines. To us, your computer is one of the most valuable resources anyone can own and it’s important to get that experience right. If you want a true computing experience, you’ve come to the right place.

Start small

Whether you have limited demands or limited money, we can help build you a machine that does exactly what you need, with the ability to add things you need when you need them.

Upgrade over time.

We hunt out the bargains, and add things that fit your lifestyle or business. This helps maximize performance on a limited budget.

Add what you need.

Our computers can be designed to only include the hardware you need. Change out components to match any changes in your life. We give you the option to start with a basic web browsing machine and build your way up to a workstation.

Go all out!

When you demand the best, you get the best. Become the king of your field. Our high end computers are some of the best in the business rivaling any high-end system integrator.

Make it yours.

We make your computer fit your personality, whether it’s lights, colors, shapes, or sizes; HCWAGeek offers the most options for unique styling, giving you seemingly infinite possibilities.

Customized to suit you, suited to be customized.

Our custom built computers are not only made just for you, but backed by some of the best support in the business. If an individual component fails and needs to be replaced, it isn’t a means of getting a new computer. Our hardware is upgradable, customizable, and intended to last. No matter what your needs/budget are, the geeks will assure you the best in computing performance for your buck.

Contact us to start your project today!

Our geeks are always looking for new projects. Contact us to get started on your new computer. Or, if you just need tech advice- we are always here to chat.