The Green iPhone 4

Custom glass really makes your phone stand out from the sea of black smartphones.

iPhone 4 Repair is an easy and unique process that can really brighten up the day of anyone who broke their phone and it isn’t covered by warranty.

[WARNING: HCWAGeek is NOT a certified apple repair service!]

We are a local business offering an out of warranty repair for $50 (prices vary on rush orders, custom colors, and custom back-plates)

If you want to contact us about an iPhone 4, 4S. or previous generation iPhone repair then Click Here.

Back to the Green iPhone 4

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The back of the green iPhone 4 with all original apple markings.

My girlfriend Margie dropped her iPhone recording a band at a show we went to over the summer, and she loves green. I think you can see where this is going..

Well, Margie left for another show leaving her broken iPhone with me while she was gone. Turns out the replacement screen showed up just after she left. I repaired the iPhone quickly (iPhone 4 repairs take on average 45 minutes) and then had to hold on to her phone for a few days until she returned.

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The front of the Zombie iPhone. The screen protectors were still on it when these pictures were taken.

I kept finding myself fixated on the green iPhone.. It is absolutely gorgeous, and everyone who has seen it has said they like it more than the colors Apple offers.

So if you either dropped your phone and need it restored back to its former glory (or better!) or just want to personalize your phone, then Contact the Geeks!


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August 22, 2012