Introducing HCWAG VIP

The highest level of support from Have Coffee With A Geek.

Why VIP?

Since we first started HCWAGeek in 2011 we’ve constantly aimed to push the bar on unique, simple, and affordable IT support. Bringing passionate technicians direct to your door seemed like a no brainer to us, but we also wanted to do it cheaper than most off-site support teams. Not because we thought we didn’t deserve it, but because we thought you deserved it. Affordable A-class support direct to you. Well, it was a success. 6 years later we wanted to find a way to change the game once more. Welcome to VIP.






What is HCWAG VIP?


VIP is a subscription based platform for repeat clients to save money. If you feel you often need assistance with your technology then VIP was designed for you. Don’t need us a lot but want to make sure you get priority scheduling? We got you covered. Get discounts on ALL Have Coffee With A Geek services plus added bonuses from assistance to websites.









What are the benefits?


As a VIP subscriber, you will recieve:


  • Free Remote Support (up to 5 hours per month, after which VIPs will recieve 50% off listed service costs for non-subscribers)
  • 50% off all Have Coffee With A Geek services, including but not limited to on-site support (including emergency hours), website design, and computer build labor.
    Computer hardware exempt.
  • Extended warranty on HCWAG custom computers
  • Extended support / minor changes at no extra cost for websites built by HCWAG.
  • Priority scheduling
  • 1 Free hour of on-site support for 1 year subscribers.